Everybody just be quiet, shut off that tv and clean up this living room...now!

Do you ever have one of those days or weeks when it seems impossible to find the patience to stand your own children?  Before I was a mother I thought mothers loved their children unconditionally, all the time.  I still know that to be mostly true, but not in the sentimental way I had imagined.  It never crossed my mind that loving my children meant I had to frequently grit my teeth and tamp down irritation.

To love my children I must do more than read them stories and bake them cookies.  It's not enough to play board games with them (like I ever do that) or push them on the swings.  To love my children I must continually sacrifice.  I must let go of my own desires and figure out how to barrel through a day without crushing a child's spirit.  And believe me, I am not always successful.

St. Paul writes, "...God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  Even while I was and am a sinner, Christ died for me and he did it willingly.  He didn't resent me for it, throw a fit, or curse me under his breath for making him die on the cross.  He slowly and silently walked to his death and instead of bitterness he says: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." 

And I, as a follower of Christ, am asked to do the same for my children.  Impossible to do without the heart of Christ and in order to have the heart of Christ, I must be united with him through prayer.  Lots and lots of prayer!  I also must expect to fail.  Jesus did not make it to Calvary without falling a few times but he got up and kept going out of love for me (and everybody else including my children).


  1. Boy Holly....this post hit me like a ton of bricks! Oh to be the mother I imaged myself to be! Thanks for reminding me that I'm not the only one who fusses with her kids and falls short of June Cleaver!
    Many blessings to you!

  2. Holly, To recall those days would be a nightmare unfolding so I really don't want to go there but to remember the growth, understanding, forgiveness, from those little ones as they have become adults. They finally realize the giant task they are undertaking to be the best parents they can be and still come up short as we have all sinned. Thank God for the grace he bestows on His children. Thanks for letting me peek into your world. My world is still unfolding as I ponder all the blessings I had and missed to recognizing...but never too late. His Spirit is a great teacher and the student has come to learn.

  3. Holly, To remember those days would be a nightmare so I chose to think of the growth,understanding and forgiveness those little one have granted me as they mature and face the daunting task of parenting only to find their own shortcomings. God has granted much grace to parents as we stumble through each trying moments. His Spirit is a great teacher as I, the student am ready to be taught. My world is still unfolding as I recognize the blessings I had and missed to enjoy. I don't ever want to miss another sunset thinking clean dishes was my priority. Thanks for letting me peek into your world. Such a delightful insight on many of your blogs that I read..will read more later.

  4. I know how you feel. Im 19 years old and i have a 7 month old. I have never been drunk nor to any sort of party or anything like that. My teenage years were gone very early. I love his with all my heart but i feel terrible to say this but sometimes I wonder where would i be, what would i be doing. Read some of my blogs i would love your opinions


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