The Elephant in the Room

The other day my friend was praying for me about my feelings of isolation.  Lately, I have found myself in a smaller and smaller group of people (at least in America).  I would describe myself as a Catholic Christian American Conservative Republican.  In that order.  I'd give them all up except the first two.  So you see where my loyalties are.  The whole contraception debate that has befallen our country has isolated me even more.  I happen to take the teaching of the Church on contraception seriously.  Not only that, my conservatism (conserve what is good from the past) seems to cause some problems out here in the west.  My fellow Catholics have a more liberal ideology and liberals, in my experience, are very tolerant of everything, except conservatism.

My friend, who is a non-Catholic Christian and would also vote for a true conservative candidate like Santorum (unlike my fellow Catholic Republican voters who vote for Romney) said, as she prayed for me, a funny thing.  She called me a "purple elephant."  We looked at each other and wondered where in the world that came from.  At the time we were praying we had not discussed the political aspect of my loneliness, however an elephant aptly describes the Republican part of me. 

Later, as we prayed the scriptural rosary, we read about Jesus and the purple garment that was put on him just before his crucifixion and immediately recognized the color coincidence.  At that point in the crucifixion story, Jesus was completely alone.  Even His closest friends abandoned him. The guards crowned him with thorns, mocked, hit and spat on him. Sometimes that's how I feel as a Catholic Christian Conservative in America.  Mocked.  Belittled.  Tossed aside as ignorant and uneducated.  Abandoned.  Virtually hit and spit on the liberal media.

That image of a purple elephant struck me as an almost perfect description of me and it makes me smile.  I'm the purple elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge is there (at least not my strongly held beliefs).  I know I am not alone in my loyalties, I'm just physically separated from like-minded people (my mom being the exception).   

Today I declare I am a proud member of the Purple Elephant Club and my prayers are with those who are like me.  I pray we will be bold, stand strong and smile.


  1. Sometimes it is so hard to stand, stay strong and smile. Perhaps you and I are in the same club and just don't realize it :) Praise God for His continuous strength.

    1. I think we may be in the same club. Maybe we would just use a couple different adjectives to describe ourselves :). Whatever the adjectives, if we wholly place our trust in Jesus, we are where we are supposed to be. And so, I pray for you too. A purple Ron Paul supporter (lol).


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!