A Welcome Friend

The sun decided to visit today.  She stayed long enough for me to feel her warmth in my hair and on my cheek.  She beckoned the kids outside and so they trotted, skipped and scampered to play and swing from the trees whose branches snapped and crackled after their long abandonment.  She also encouraged me to keep my garage door open to let the mildew laden air be whisked away and replaced with sweet, fresh, spring air.

Spring may have arrived today, or at least it may on its way.  I am cautiously optimistic.  I don't want to make any great pronouncement yet.  Winter has beat me down so that I am fearful to even think happy thoughts of sunshine, smiles and swimming.

It has been a long, gray, dark, dreary, dank and depressing winter.  Each day I looked out my window at a lifeless and unfeeling sky.  The trees drooped and slumped while black birds sat on their bare branches.  Their low and obnoxious crows and caws echoed through the vacant neighborhood.  Once in a while a storm would blow through.  The gusts would force those same birds from the trees. But they would fly back to the places they had been.  They seemed to sit there for the entire length of winter with nothing better to do, probably as bored and depressed as I was.

I can't recall seeing a black bird today.  I think the sun may have chased them to the shadows.  Maybe they were not quite ready for frolicking and flying.  Maybe their wings were stiff and their eyes blinded by the light.  Maybe it was the barks of dogs, squeals of children or the roar of lawnmowers cutting soggy grass that scared them off.  I, for one, did not miss them or the oppressive sky. 

I lifted my face to my long forgotten friend and let her kiss me.

Welcome back, sun.  I hope you come again tomorrow.

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  1. It is good to see the sun....and spring on its way! That will lift our spirits and our hearts! happy spring


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!