7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 11)

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The dishes are still on the table from dinner.  I'm feeling full and sleepy so instead of mustering up the energy I don't have to clean up, I've decided to do my 7 Quick Takes instead.
This last week we have had company.  My in-laws.  Not a bad visit.  In fact, a very nice one.  However, while I cook to get the whole feeding the hungry thing over with, my mother-in-law actually enjoys cooking. She even plans ahead before driving nine hours to stay with us and totes in a giant cooler full of, I don't know, a half a cow, plus yogurt and nuts.  I do love her coming to my house and taking over the kitchen, but it sure increases the amount dishes that need to be cleaned.  I often feel so guilty for managing to slip out of the kitchen during the cooking process that I force myself to stay put during clean up.  Thankfully, cleaning up does not increase shortness of breath like cooking does. 

#2 may be why I'm rebelling against cleaning up from dinner tonight. 

Today was my nine-year-old's piano recital.  She was the star of the recital since she was the only one.  This is one of the perks of living in a very small town.  A few of my friends and their children attended as well as my mom.  We all dressed nicely and then had tea and cookies afterward.  Candy, Grasshopper's teacher, even printed out programs on pretty pink paper.  It was all very proper and fun.  Of course, Grasshopper played her four short pieces very well while counting the time to the music with her high heels.  I'm still not sure how she convinced me that she should have high heals at the age of nine...

She convinced me to have her ears pierced at the age of nine as well (I had to wait until I was thirteen).  Not only that, she was so nervous to get it done, that she managed to persuade me to let her five-year-old sister do it too.  The big shock came when it was time to pay.  I guess the price of gold dictates the cost. I thought I might pay twenty bucks for the both of them.  Oh no.  It was much, much, oh ever so much more than that.  We will not miss one cleaning or twisting.  Those holes are not going anywhere.

Hooray!  We have finished with home school for the summer.  Grasshopper has completed the third grade with me as her teacher and I loved it.  I think she did too.  Soon I will get online to buy some of the curriculum for next year for both my girls.  It's hard to imagine not being a home school family.  It fits us well.  Now all I need is to buy a jean jumper dress to make it really official (I'm not sure why that's what I imagine when I think "home school mom").

I can't believe this post is actually complete and my two-year-old son, kept himself pretty busy the entire time.  He's been outside following his sisters around in his diaper and rubber boots.  I did finally put a shirt on him along with a belt so that he could carry his gun in the belt rather than his soggy diaper.  Now I'll have to get up to clean up the dinner dishes as well as the pieces of our flower garden now strewn around the living room.  I'm sure they were first killed with the gun in his diaper. Thanks, Bubby.


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    1. Thanks, Maliha! I have been a terrible blogger lately. I really, really, want to write, but never seem to get to it. Maybe your encouraging message will get me going again...I do hope you drop in again.


  2. Hi, Holly,I'm Grace. I have been enjoying your blogs. You write very interestingly and humorously and poignantly at times. I think you are a good writer. Continue blogging. I also have a blog, but have not written anything of my own that is very significant yet, I think. I LOVE to write, and hope to take it seriously soon. Don't forget...BLOG ! It's a gift for your readers out there and YOURSELF...very therapeutic for the full time mother that you are. Have a great day.

    1. Wow, Grace. Thank you. I appreciate your comment a lot...and then I feel guilty. I have neglected my writing so much. There are various reasons and excuses...I'm not sure how to overcome them at the time. I guess if it's the Lord's will for me to write more, He will put a strong desire in my heart. Until then, pray for me and I'll pray for you. (Love your name, by the way. It sounds a lot like "Grasshopper" don't you think?)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!