My Thoughts on the Recent Colorado Massacre

When I was a Senior in college I got extremely ill with some sort of flu.  It was on the very day of the Columbine shooting.  I remember being in so much pain and misery while praying for the tragedy and the people effected by it.  I united my own bodily suffering with that of Jesus on the cross and for those at that school shooting.  The cross and Christ's suffering was illuminated in my own heart in a way that I've never forgotten.

When my own suffering was over (or almost) our school had a vigil for the victims at Columbine High.  We held candles, sang songs and prayed together.  In a moment of clarity, I got up to speak (not something I would typically do).  I said, in essence, that we are all to blame for this tragedy.  Each time we failed to be kind, to pray, to reach out to those around us, we failed those shooters at Columbine and their victims.  My remarks seemed to land with a thud on the crowd and I felt embarrassed that I had even said it.

However, from that day on, every time one of these horrific events has occurred, my thoughts always return to that vigil and those words that came out of my mouth and this is no exception. 

Somehow, I believe, we are all responsible for these terrible outbreaks of evil.  Yes, this twenty-four year old man will have to face his own sinfulness.  He made the ultimate choice to kill, but some person failed this man because some person failed that person who failed him and some person failed that person.  Eventually I can trace it back to me. 

This event in Colorado, and others like it, are a reminder to me to get back on my knees and beg the Lord for forgiveness for my own sins and failures.  It is a call of repentance and a reminder for me to strive for holiness because that too has its effect on the world.


  1. Visiting here for the first time.Nice Blog :)

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job.

  3. It is true if we got on out knees and sincerily asked God to forgive us our world would change.

  4. Stopping by and have to say that I think you put it perfectly regarding the violence that has overtaken our schools and public places. It all begins with 'me'.


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