Pope Francis, Superstar

I love Pope Francis!  I can't believe how many people have asked me what I think of him and the things he says.  He is truly blessed by God and following the ways of Christ in a way that I, nor probably anyone else, could have imagined.

Some have questioned me if I think he is "liberal."  I don't think he's liberal or conservative.  He's just living out the gospel message in a very Christ-like manner AND he has the world stage to do it!  In the latest news-making article, he did call himself a "son of the Church," and with that statement he recognized the fact that he cannot change Church teaching.  That's not his job anyway.  He is to lead and protect the Church and its well-established teachings given to us by Christ himself.

Francis' latest statement about stepping back from the hot button issues and focusing more on the message of salvation did give me pause.  These issues are important and I feel we must be engaged in fights against them. However, the more I thought about it, the more I know he is so right on.  We cannot expect others to agree on these issues especially when the culture ardently supports them. And, it's not our job to convince people that the Catholic Church is right.  It is our job to live lives conformed to Christ and His Church.  Christ's love, and his message of love, should be like oil exuding from our pores.  Our presence should leave behind a sweet scent of love, Christ's love, that leaves another looking for the source of Love itself.

It is Christ's love that, through his passion and death, draws ALL people to himself.

The polarizing issues of our time are secondary.  Yet, still we must battle against them and all their rancid forms until the end of time.

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  1. Thanks for your writings Holly. I admit, I too have been one of those who have been a bit quiet about Pope Francis. Not because I distrust or didn't support him, but mostly because I did not know who he was! It is true, there have been times when media has taken the liberty to interpret his words, which causes confusion to everyone. But, I agree that it seems the Pope really is beckoning us to be Catholic in a new way. It can be hard to change our ways, and some can be more stuck in them than others. But I have to remember that it doesn't mean leaving the moral issues or tradition out. It is true, there must be a different approach to our societies that are so accepting of everything immoral and corrupt. For people have become immune and just put their fingers in their ears. It is true, we must show Christ by our love first. God bless us all, and may He lead the Pope to lead us!


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!