To Spin or to Soar

I'm having one of those lives again.  The one where I have a bunch of plates spinning and all I can do is run from one spinning plate to the next to keep the wobbly ones from falling.  There are multiple things I could do to take care of this crazy problem.  Such  things as: exercise more, eat right, take the proper vitamins, remove one or more of the plates from my schedule, meal plan.

Or, I could pray more.

Prayer changes things and straightens our priorities.  In the past when I've turned to this remedy, the plates almost seemed to stop spinning.  In a matter of time, I could figure out what plates needed more focus and the plates I could drop with little to no thought to the loss of them.  Amazingly, the plates that dropped didn't shatter, instead they just disappeared and in their place was peace.

Yes, it is time to put prayer back in its proper place, front and center.

This reminds me of a this post I wrote a while ago titled "No Ordinary Love":

Every once in a while I get a stirring inside of me that wants to do something or be something great.  I wish for the fame of an ultra talented writer who sells many books and changes lives or that I could be a professional runner who lives for running and wins.  I wish that I had incredible creativity and sold fantastic crafty type things on Etsy or that I was a super good cook and had dinner parties every weekend.  Alas, I am none of these things.  I'm just a normal, ordinary, every day, type of person.  No one looks twice when I walk by.  I live in a normal, ordinary, every day house on a normal, ordinary, every day street.

The other day my plain little house was bustling with the noises of norm (kids quarreling, TV blaring, baby whining) when I stepped outside, as I do every day, to throw out some trash.  The door shut behind me and I was struck by the quietness of the morning.  I could hear some far away barks of a restless dog, the wind rustling tree leaves, but then caught sight of a silently soaring bird.  My eyes followed its flight to the end of our street before I walked back into the clatter of my life.

Since then I've noticed these silent birds in flight almost every where I go.  I am intrigued by how often they soar by without fanfare or demand for attention.  These birds are going about the ordinary business of their days.  Maybe one is gathering twigs for a nest, or another scouting out her prey.  Whatever the task, each bird is doing what it was created to do and for all I know, perfectly content with life.  A normal, ordinary, every day kind of life for a bird.

I know that, at least for now, God is not asking me to be anything extraordinary.  He needs me to be ordinary.  I may not be signing books or on the cover of Runners' World, but my life has meaning to those close to me because of ordinary love. I love because I was first loved by God. It is a love that is linked forever to the sacrifice of the cross. This same Love can flow through me and continue on forever if I am willing to accept this life God has given me.  God's love multiplies and so ordinary love, does in fact, have the amazing capability to change the world.  Now whenever I see a bird soaring through the air, I silently accept again God's love and this life He has given me because God's love is no ordinary love.

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  1. beautifully written! straight from the heart :)


Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it!