Heart Race

I am amazed at how a simple idea involving my gifts and interests can make my heart pump and gets me moving.  Often I stare at the dining room table and resent the dirty dishes on it and despise the dirt below. Or I walk by the bathroom sixteen times and lament that the towels are on the floor and snarl at the dried toothpaste that lines the sink.  Eventually I dig in and get things done but not without complaint and then, of course, I have to blame the kids for their terrible messes.

Today I had an idea hit me.  It was an idea that had nothing to do with cleaning or kids but an idea about a direction I may take with my writing. In other words, it was an idea that inspired me and came from my heart. I furiously scribbled on the backs of mermaid pictures (by my six-year-old) left on the table, and through out the day ideas kept running through my mind that I jotted down.

The amazing part was everything else I accomplished while my brain buzzed with activity.  The bathroom that has needed a good cleaning since 3 B.C now sparkles.  The sheets long overdue for a washing were washed dried and folded.  All this and more by yours truly and I barely broke a sweat.  Gone were the complaints, gone was the blame.  It just got done.

It's amazing how a little inspiration can make the mundane tasks of the day a breeze.  Maybe there is something to this idea of following the desires of my heart.