7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 14)

Hello!  I'm here today and I don't think it's any mistake.  I had a day where just moving around was difficult (I get like that sometimes...it's hard to explain).  I asked a friend to pray for me, she prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and, boom, I moved from despondency to action.  That Chaplet is a powerful prayer! With the power of prayer and by the breath of God, I write today's 7 Quick Takes Friday. Here it goes....

I just finished listening to this clip by Jennifer Fulwiler and it inspired me to practice my "art" today. Jennifer Fulwiler is a blogger, author and now radio host who I've been following for a long time. If you follow the link, you'll hear her talk about giving up pride in order to bless others.  It is inspirational, as I find most everything Fulwiler puts out there is.

If you're interested in seeing more of her stuff, you can find her on Facebook or check out her blog, Conversion Diary.

I like Jennifer so much and have followed her for so long that I call her my BFF!  I used to wish I could be her, but she has really helped me to realize how awesome it is to be me!!  Now I just want to be the best me I can be (see #4 about this different place in my life).

Pride, as my BFF has just pointed out to me, may be the reason I can't seem to get a word on the screen these days that I'm happy with.  I feel pressure from myself to write something great, inspiring, or at least funny.   I clear some time in my day, pull up to the computer, try to convince the kids that I am "working" not playing (I really ought to write when they are in bed but I sleep more than they do), then...nothing.  Not a word comes to me.  So, I did what I did the other day, post something that I wrote 5 years ago.

That's another thing.  Those 5 years ago posts are really good.  I mean, I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I read those and it feels like it's someone else.  They seem well written and purposeful.  I know, because I wrote them, there was no plan or purpose (really) I just wrote.  And as for being well written, I couldn't see that then.  It just felt like a mess of thoughts and words.  Like my brain mostly feels all the time.  I also look back and see the hand of God working in me in ways I was unaware of at the time.  That is such a blessing.  I'm glad I wrote back then.


Like I said before, I'm really in  a different place in my life now.  It's hard for me to define it any better. In a way, I feel a little stuck.  My kids keep moving forward and I'm standing there while they pass not sure how to lead and guide them now.  Parenting has become sort of normal for me now whereas 5 years ago it was all so crazy and new.  I'm comfortable as a mom and could even pull off wearing mom jeans now (if you don't know what mom jeans are check this out).

Maybe this is "mid-life"?

Compared to 5 years ago, I'm actually much more comfortable with myself.  I've grown and changed and am just more at ease in my own skin (even if I have a few new wrinkles and my double chin is more defined).  I know now that this place I'm at right now will not be the same place I'm at in the future.  Life has a way of doing that and aging gives me the perspective to understand time marches on.

If I am in a sort of mid-life crisis or something, I really ought to read The Noonday Devil: Acedia, the Unnamed Evil of Our Times.  

Here's is what Amazon says about it:

The noonday devil is the demon of acedia, the vice also known as sloth. The word “sloth”, however, can be misleading, for acedia is not laziness; in fact it can manifest as busyness or activism. Rather, acedia is a gloomy combination of weariness, sadness, and a lack of purposefulness. It robs a person of his capacity for joy and leaves him feeling empty, or void of meaning.
Abbot Nault says that acedia is the most oppressive of demons. Although its name harkens back to antiquity and the Middle Ages, and seems to have been largely forgotten, acedia is experienced by countless modern people who describe their condition as depression, melancholy, burn-out, or even mid-life crisis.
He begins his study of acedia by tracing the wisdom of the Church on the subject from the Desert Fathers to Saint Thomas Aquinas. He shows how acedia afflicts persons in all states of life— priests, religious, and married or single laymen. He details not only the symptoms and effects of acedia, but also remedies for it.
It's on my wish list. 
If I'm on Amazon buying more books, I may as well pick up A Catholic Gardeners Spiritual Almanac: Cultivating Your Faith Throughout the Year. Those who know me, or have read my blog before, know that I am no gardener.  However, there is the possibility of a house in our future (maybe a later blog post) and this book seems like the perfect book to get me inspired to do some gardening. Not only that, I listened to the author, Margaret Rose Realy, talk about it on Relevant Radio (here's the link to the podcast) and she was very inspiring and had a spirituality that I could appreciate.  Even if I don't garden, I love to observe nature and find the voice of God quietly nudging and loving me through His creation.

It surprises me how I've been able to keep these quick takes pretty light because I'm not exactly having a peppy day, or last few weeks either.  No, I've been more in the mood to read things like Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light:The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta.  It's not a book for the faint of heart.  In it, Blessed Teresa's personal writings tell a story of woman in spiritual darkness. Basically, she figures out that Jesus has given her the gift of feeling abandoned and unloved by Him so He can love and work through her.  It's very bleak and yet incredible at the same time.  She was truly a woman of humility and great faith.  A faith that she did not "feel" the entire time she worked with the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.


Thus ends my 7 Quick Takes, powered by the Chaplet, inspired by my BFF and written in less than an hour.  I may only briefly look it over for mistakes because I'm not going to let my pride get in the way of blessing you for reading to the end.  Thanks for reading (sorry for those mistakes)!


  1. Bridge building BFF.April 17, 2015

    Loved it. Hope you linked it. Cuz it's good enough!!!

    1. I'm still not quite ready to link. I'm getting there :).

  2. i loved it too. it is so nice to have a word for that mid-life melancholy phenomenon you described. i had never heard "acedia" before, but immediately i know what you mean, and why it seems to apply to modern people, probably especially if they can be found wearing mom jeans. i was happy to stop by and see i had some catching up to do, by the way! it is a gift to read your words, and feel like i have a small window into how you have been and what you have been thinking about. love and hugs to you!


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