Peace Unnoticed

When I went to bed last night, I had three things in my mind: 1. Christians being persecuted and killed, 2. My kids each on an electronic device in the other room, and 3.The new moon, tinged a smokey yellow with one bright star (actually Venus) above it- both hanging in the deep, dark blue sky--silent and unnoticed.

My thoughts: Our world is raging right now while often I am blissfully unaware. Instead, I pursue pleasure, power, and wealth, the things that will make me happy now. Yet, there in the deep, blue silence is Divine Peace. Not power, not pleasure, not wealth, but Peace that can only come from God.

A Peace that is other-worldly, yet can find rest deep in my soul, in humanity's soul, if I just stop to take note of it and to pray. I must take the time to allow myself to encounter, have a relationship with, the God of the Universe--Peace who is right there, unnoticed, but still there.


  1. Bridge Building BFFApril 23, 2015

    His Peace, suppresses all understanding.

    1. I think you mean surpasses not suppresses :). For whatever reason, a month and a half later, I decided to read your comment again and, well, I'm glad I did.


I've been getting weird comments. One guy was trying to save my soul since I'm Catholic! So, thanks for the comment, but I'll have to check it before it gets posted. And, I have to add, THANKS for commenting. It supports my blog habit.