Bins, Bums and Thumbs

We have been in a process of buying a new house now for about two months. The closing date has been pushed back three times now. I'm beginning to wonder if we will even get to buy this house or not. In the meantime, most of our stuff has been packed up and I keep staring at the bins, when I'm not tripping over them, and wonder if I ought to unpack some of them to start some of those summer projects I was going to do when school was over.

Do you know how hard it is to do something like unpack a bin before there is a place to put it away? Hard. Couple that with my tendency toward despondency and it's a mixture for a Holly-made disaster. Let me put it this way, my bum has seen a lot of the couch and only my thumbs have had much activity while they scroll up and down the internet on my smart phone. Thankfully, I have not neglected the laundry or meal times, but all this extra blank time has been difficult for the kids. They are as bored, actually much more bored, than I am.

When there's not much to do, it makes me realize how important schedules and routines are to the life of a family. When we move, if we ever do, and all the dust settles, I really want to get around to my very own Mother's Rule as defined by Holly Pierlot in her book, A Mother's Rule of Life: How to Bring Order to Your Home and Peace to Your Soul.  Pierlot takes her idea of a Mother's Rule from the Rules of monastery life. It is more than a set of schedules, but also a path to holiness. I've read through the book once and have started to jot down some ideas for my own Rule.  Soon I will read it again and get serious about it.

Maybe "soon" should be "now" while I have the unexpected time to devote to just this kind of thought and prayer.  And it wouldn't require opening a bin!

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