Minute by Intense Minute

Baptism Flowers

Believe me when I say I have tried to write multiple times this week. Master Matthias has become the master of my time. He spends a lot of his waking hours fussing. Thankfully, he's not a big crier, but it's still exhausting and time consuming. Especially when there is school, laundry, dishes and dinner to be done. Of course, there are always the extra things that come up, such as appointments, holidays and baptisms.

As a matter of fact, last Sunday was Matthias' baptism. Soon, this weekend maybe, I will try to write a whole post on it. The day could not have been more perfect thanks to my dear friend, Amy. She was my "baptism planner" and did a out-of-this-world job on the party afterwards. The baptism itself was also out of this world, but more on the whole thing later. I can't wait to write all about it and share pictures too!

Day to day life around here has been intense. With the baptism came guests, six of them, who all stayed in our house. It was so nice to have all of them (grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and four cousins). Majority of the work to get beds ready, food in the fridge and floors cleaned, was ferociously accomplished by Adam, because he does all things with fixed intensity. Meanwhile, I walked in blurry eyed circles and bounced the baby or worked on school lessons with the other kids.

The day after every one left, we rushed off to the valley for an orthodontist appointment and then to Costco for food and Christmas gifts. That's right, Christmas is so close and our preparations have begun, as usual, in great Adam-haste. I guess I ought to appreciate his foresight, but honestly I'd prefer to rest in the current minute.

I discovered my motto on a Facebook share the other day:

Don't rush me, I'm waiting for the last minute.

Boy do I drive Adam and my kids crazy with that character flaw that I think is actually a gift. At least I'm not shaving years off my life being wound tight and worrying about the next rushed minute.

And so it goes in family life. And so it goes.

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