A Baptism Story (Part I)

Little Matthias Henry, was born on September 14th, The Feast of the Exultation of the Holy Cross, and on his Aunt Mandie's birthday. Two months later, Mandie and her husband, Isaac, stood with us as godparents at his baptism.

Here's part one of that holy (and fun) event...

If I could choose  one word to describe the whole day, I would probably choose "blessed." Our little mission church was packed to the brim with friends and family (sadly not my parents since they live too far away now). There were lots of kids, so the congregation wiggled and bubbled with anticipation. 

Just before Mass began, even though he had not eaten in a while, Matthias fell asleep. I figured the timing would be perfect, but I figured wrong. All through the Rite of Baptism, he fussed and cried while Adam and I bounced, rocked and passed him back and forth. When it came time for Fr. Palmer to pour the water over his head, Matthias had worked himself up to a pretty good cry. Matthias is the first of my babies to cry at his baptism. It was stressful, but at the same time it was sweet.

Another sweet moment was when Fr. Palmer dressed Matthias in a little white shirt to signify his new life in Christ. The little gold angels added a charming touch to special garment. I just loved it.

Although he looks content in this picture, Matthias was hungry. I whisked him away to nurse and have a diaper change; we returned in time for the Eucharistic prayers. 

Content now with his belly full, Matthias had the demeanor of a little cherub. His forehead was shiny with the chrism oil steeped in the ancient traditions of the Church, and made him smell saintly. That moment was profound and my heart swelled with joy and awe. It was a little like the feeling of standing in the middle of an old forest, the giant trees looming while the time falls away. The present moment feels insignificant and important at the same time.

Then, for some reason, Matthias began to be very interested in whatever was happening above us. As he looked up, his eyes moved quickly back and forth while his head followed. It was the same animated movement he makes when I place him in his crib under his mobile. I looked up and saw a plain old ceiling with nothing moving. I'm sure he was seeing the angels there to celebrate this eternal Mass with us! 

Wow! It really was so great, but that wasn't all. Afterwards there was a party to be had. A party put together by my dear friend and Baptism Planner, Amy. Everyone needs a friend like Amy.  The party was so great, it has to have a whole post to itself in Part II. Stay tuned.

*Special thanks to Mary Beth the awesome pictures. 

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