Meet Ruby

This week I purchased a new computer, and it’s just for me. Sure, my son has begged to play games on it a few times, but so far he hasn’t managed to get his hands on it. I’m really hoping this is the answer to my lack of posts woes. Maybe. It is likely, however, that my 13 month old monster may have more to do with that than the old, and very slow, computer.
For instance, just now I wanted to spend a few moments online to catch up on some blogs I follow and test out my new, red, little, special computer. Within five minutes, Matthias managed to empty out some of the drawers of my dresser. Ghosts of my past life, before nursing (yes, he is still nursing) are currently strewn across the carpet. He and his snotty nose (because don’t all little boys have snotty noses this time of year) have moved on. Who knows what he has gotten into now. Thank God for my older children as they keep track of his trail of destruction while I acquaint myself with Ruby (shouldn’t I name this new machine?).

So, say a prayer and raise your glasses to Ruby. Three cheers: hip, hip, hooray, etc.

Ruby, don’t take your love to town. I need some company.

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